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MyRain was formed out of The Acara Institue business plan competition in 2010.  Tasked with solving water security problems in India, MyRain was inspired by the potential of efficient drip irrigation systems.  In many parts of rural India, small-plot farmers rely on flood irrigation, a method that stunts crops and washes away valuable soil nutrients.  Drip irrigation can increase efficiency of water and fertilizer by between 20%-50% and increase yields by 30%-100%.  Drip irrigation also preserves nutrients in the soil and increases land longevity.  Despite these benefits, drip irrigation technology has proliferated to only 5% of arable land.  MyRain launched to provide small plot farmers access to this technology by creating a retail and distribution network focused on the four main tenets of accessibility; education, availability, price and service.

Since its inception, MyRain has built an efficient distribution network to distribute drip irrigation and more than 20 other high impact farm implements to the small farmers of Tamil Nadu, India.  With the mission of enabling  sustainable economic development for small plot farmers, MyRain continues to expand its dealer network and product offerings every day!

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